Moss Control Greater Vancouver & The Lower Mainland BC

Moss Control Services Greater Vancouver / Fraser Valley
We can help control the moss in your lawns and gardens

Moss can be an on-going problem for property owners in the Lower Mainland because of our wet west coast environment.  Moss favors soil with an acidic pH while grass favors soil with a more alkaline pH.  Moss killing products can work to kill the moss temporarily but to properly correct the issue we need to correct your soil pH.

Trimming trees and bushes that surround your lawn area can also help allow more light in as moss seems to thrive in shaded areas.  It really takes a multi-faceted approach to control moss in your lawns or gardens and we need to make the soil conditions more favorable for grass rather than moss.

All Seasons Landscaping is a full service lawn care and landscape maintenance company serving the Fraser Valley and the Lower Mainland.  We specialize in complete lawn care services and moss control is a service we can include into our lawn care maintenance program for properties that need it.

We can help you control the moss in your lawn and garden areas for commercial and large residential properties such as condos, townhomes, and strata associations.

Moss Control Services Fraser Valley

Why Choose All Seasons Landscaping For Moss Control?

We understand that you have many lawn care companies to choose from throughout the Fraser Valley.  We just want you to know that when you choose to work with All Seasons Landscaping you are partnering with a small, locally owned business that has many years experience keeping Lower Mainland properties looking their best.

You can expect knowledgeable, reliable lawn care and landscaping services from a company that cares about your properties appearance and our local reputation.

If you have moss problem in your lawn and gardens please give us a call (604)-999-1798 or fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you right away (usually the same day).

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